Daniel Mahar
Daniel Mahar is a portrait and fashion photographer based in Merritt Island, FL.  He works within Central Florida with talent agencies, designers and local artists.  In 2016, his images won awards with the Professional Photographers of Central Florida in the areas of portraiture and digital art.  He also provides wedding and event photography services.  Daniel is constantly working to improve both his technical and creative skills to bring the very best to his clients.  
Why I love Photography
Ever since I was a kid, I was always fascinated with magic.  Any kind of cool magic trick always got me super excited.  I used to record David Copperfield specials on TV and watch them over and over, always amazed at how effortless it looked.  My parents picked up on this, so when I was 8 years old, I received my first magic set for Christmas.  It was full of tiny trinkets, scarves, cards, rings, ropes and even a magic wand.  I was so excited to start performing magic and become the 'mysterious magician' of the family.  But when I started reading through the instruction booklet, I realized just how difficult it was to pull off all of these tricks.  And they were pretty much all high level slight of hand tricks, so nothing I could really ramp up to or grasp immediately.  It was going to take years of practice before I would see any results!  Of course to a kid, a few years can seem like an eternity.  As easy as magic had always looked on TV, it quickly became clear there was a high barrier to start doing even the most basic slight of hand tricks.  So it wasn't long before the magic set started collecting dust.   
That same year I also got my first film camera for Christmas.  It wasn't anything fancy, just a basic point and shoot along with a few roles of film.  But I loved it.  I went through an entire role of film in the first 20 minutes taking pictures of our Christmas morning.  Before giving me the next role of film, my mom had to explain to me that the film was expensive and developing the pictures wasn't cheap either (I didn't know much about cameras back then).  So she told me to be a little more selective when taking photos to make sure it was something I wanted a picture of.  I didn't realize it at the time, but taking pictures with that camera was a form of magic for me and something I could get started doing without years of practice.  Little did I know, it would still take many years and lots of hard work to get good at it!  
Fast forward to where I am today.  I've owned many different cameras and taken tens of thousands of pictures around the world.  I've dedicated countless hours to learning more about photography and photoshop.  I am always learning new techniques and following the current trends in the world of photography.  Best of all, it still feels like magic to me and I absolutely love it.  There's nothing like being able to capture that perfect moment in time that will always be preserved for someone to look back on and remember that point in their life.  That's the magic of photography that I strive to capture for every one I work with.
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